Weekly Schedule (subject to change)

Week 1 M 01/28/2019 Course introductions
W 01/30/2019 Resumes and Cover Letters

DUE: Locate and print at least 2 internship or job ads you will be qualified for upon graduation; Look over the sources on Resumes and Cover Letters on the course website

Week 2 M 02/04/2019 Peer Review

DUE: Resume and Cover Letter Draft 1, Bring 3 copies to class

W 02/06/2019 DUE: Resume and Cover Letter Final Draft

Introduction to Interviews

Week 3 M 02/11/2019 Bring 12 questions for interviewee and letter of introduction
W 02/13/2019  Discuss interviews

Portfolio Workshop

Week 4 M 02/18/2019 NO CLASS


W 02/20/2019 First draft of interview

Peer Review


Week 5 M 02/25/2019  Final draft of Interview

Writing for a General Audience: Annotated Bibliographies

DUE: Read About Annotated Bibliographies

W 02/27/2019 General Audience: Incorporating Sources

DUE: Read Documentation chapter from Norton Field Guide

Week 6 M 03/04/2019 General Audience: Peer Review

DUE: Article Draft 1, Bring three copies to class

W 03/06/2019 Continue talking about opeds
Week 7 M 03/11/2019 General Audience Conclusion/Arts Review Introduction

Due: Final draft of oped

W 03/13/2019 Arts Review

DUE: Read review examples

Bring in suggestions for your review

Week 8 M 03/18/2019 Reviews
W 03/20/2019 Arts Review: Peer Review

DUE: Review Draft 1

Week 9 M 03/25/2019 Follow up on peer reviews and examples

Portfolio Workshop

W 03/27/2019 Introduction to Grant Section
Week 10


M 04/01/2019 DUE: Book or Art Review Final

Grants: Introduction and Problem Statement

Create Groups- Brainstorm Ideas, GANNT Chart

Read Grant Proposals

W 04/03/2019 Grants: Budgets and S.M.A.R.T. Goals

DUE: Completed GANNT Chart, Problem Statement (Feeder), Find 1 Prospective Grant per person

Grants: Project Narratives and Incorporating Sources

DUE: Find 1 unique source per person, bring to class

Week 11 M 04/08/2019 Grant Projects
W 04/10/2019 Grant Projects
Week 12 M 04/15/2019 Grants: Peer Review

DUE: Project Narrative Rough Draft; Budget


W 04/17/2019 Grants: TBA
Week 13 M 04/22/2019 **SPRING RECESS** no class
W 04/24/2019 **SPRING RECESS** no class
Week 14 M 04/29/2019 Grants: Presenting Your Grant Proposal

DUE: Read PowerPoint is Evil

W 05/03/2019 Grants: Presentation Workshop

DUE: Memo #2 Group Evaluation

DUE: Project Narrative Final Draft

Week 15 M 05/06/2019 Introduce Final Portfolio

Grant Presentations

W 05/08/2019 Grant Presentations
Week 16 M 05/13/2019 FINAL CLASS Writing Reflections/ Any final grant presentations/ Final Portfolio Workshop